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Volume XXIII

duly noted Ouimet's Star Turn
now playing Jim Flick’s Latest Buddy Flick
light reading THR reviews five new books including Golf's Greatest Eighteen playing through Golf's Holiday Camp
talking points We have words with Mark Frost, Dr. Joe Parent and Brian McCallen. pop quiz Player A has done it again.
authors excerpts On Harry Vardon letters to the executor Cosby on Annika
Gretzky, Woods, Wie - and Richler, with our list of recommended reading and a new No. 1.
An Invitation to the Reader

Welcome to The Hearthstone Review, dedicated to presenting a moderately objective and lively appraisal of literary works concerning the game of golf.

The category of golf-related titles seems at times to out pace not only the growth of the game but even our devotion to it, if that's possible. Keeping up with the torrent of new books, second only perhaps to the number of practice aids, could cut into one's time for golf - and we can't have that.

Those interested in pursuing the richness of creative writing beyond the scorecard are invited to explore a fair and reasoned "read" of available titles. An unbiased opinion would be too much to ask, but you'll have the considered once-over from a humble caddie pacing off yardage along golf's literary fairways, with occasional forays into the rough.

Thanking you in advance for your interest,

Yours sincerely,

J.W. Apfelbaum
Editor & Publisher
The Hearthstone Review
Flying Rib Ranch
South Austin, Texas

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